An introduction to Sports BLT

BY Lafe Peavler

There’s plenty of blogs out there on the Internet covering to the sporting world. Most are dedicated to particular sports, players and stats, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with them. I spend plenty of time reading about my favorite teams and players, no doubt about it. I will continue to write about stories like this at the Deseret News.

But this blog is different.

The Sports BLT is dedicated to the fans. In my experience covering sports, it’s the fans that make sports special.

Have you ever felt the camaraderie of the die-hard fans sitting in the stands? Have you met people who have loyally supported their teams for decades? Have you seen families who have been brought together by a sports team?

I have, and it’s a beautiful thing.

I’ve visited the tailgating grounds of some of the best places for fans. I’ve wandered the Grove at Ole Miss. I’ve talked to fans at Notre Dame. I’ll never forget either experience. I’ve been in the middle of the Alabama vs. Auburn rivalry.

Fans are awesome.

Sports wouldn’t be what it is without the fans. Players, coaches and even the media wouldn’t have paychecks at the end of the day if it wasn’t for the fans filling the stands, watching the tube, buying the jerseys and clicking on the stories. It would just be another recreational activity.

Yes, there are times where the fans take things a bit too far. There are some that are a bit too vocal. Some fans’ passions lead to blows, but that is a small minority. Most fans, while passionate, are courteous, warm and welcoming.

And they deserve our attention.

After all, most fans will just be faces in a crowd, but there are some amazing stories out there in the stands that are just as phenomenal as the ones brewing on the gridiron or the hardwood.

Those are the kind of stories you’ll find on the Sports BLT.

This week, I’m headed down to Las Vegas to cover the West Coast Conference Tournament. However, most of my focus won’t be on the action on the court. Rather, it will be focused on the people in the stands.

So, check back right here on the Sports BLT starting Thursday night for updates all tournament long.


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